3 Indian Divan Beds for a Majestic Home Makeover: Redesign Your Bedroom

Indian Divan Beds

Looking to add some royalty and sophistication to your bedroom? Consider the divan, a luxurious type of bed that originated in India. With their regal flair and ornate aesthetic, divan beds can instantly transform the look and feel of any sleeping space.

Unlike regular platform beds, divans feature a sturdy built-in base or box frame that sits directly on the floor. There are no legs to assemble. A comfortable mattress rests on top of the base, complete with plush upholstered headboard. The result is a stately, floating bed perfect for relaxing in style. 

Once found mostly in master suites of the elite, divan beds are gaining popularity in modern interior design. Their striking presence makes them a focal point of any bedroom. Here are three divan bed designs that will give your home a majestic makeover:

Traditional Indian Carved Divan Bed

For those who want to recreate the exotic opulence of Indian palaces, a traditionally carved divan is the perfect choice. Meticulous woodwork featuring floral motifs, geometric patterns and animal figures adorn the headboard, base and legs of this divan style.

The carved details are often highlighted with gold leafing on the teak or rosewood. Some designs may incorporate precious and semi-precious stones for further embellishment. The lavish carvings pair beautifully with the vibrant hues used on the upholstered portions. Royal colors like ruby red, emerald green and sapphire blue are commonly seen, along with regal patterns including brocade, damask and tapestry.

Constructed from expensive timbers, silks and velvets, these divan beds are true heirloom pieces. The exquisite craftsmanship transports you to the splendor of ancient Indian courts. Place one in your master suite for a daily dose of luxury.

When commissioning a traditional Indian divan, you can customize everything from the wood type to the carving motifs. Opt for traditional floral and geometric patterns or go for more modern divans carved with contemporary designs. Choose vibrant jewel tones or rich metallics that complement your decor. Many artisans will hand carve and upholster your divan bed precisely to your specifications.

Contemporary Minimalist Divan Bed

For more modern tastes, a contemporary minimalist divan has an understated elegance. The streamlined base is made of solid wood with clean lines and neutral finishes like white lacquer or light oak. Without any intricate carvings, the beauty is in the subtle grains and tones of the wood.

The upholstery continues the simplistic aesthetic. Linens and microfibers in soft grays, beiges and ivories cover the base and tufted headboard. Avoid bright colors and flashy patterns. Instead, add interest with varied fabric textures like nubby twill, soft crocodile leather or cozy faux fur. 

This muted divan design effortlessly blends into airy, modern bedrooms. The neutral palette keeps the focus on the bed’s striking silhouette. Add sparing accessories like wool throws and ceramic table lamps. By paring down ornamentation, this divan infuses luxury in a quiet yet impactful way.

The low-profile box frame hugs the floor for that floating look, available in standard sizes or made custom to your room. For added flair, some divan makers offer sleek metal or stone accents on the base or headboard. Storage drawers can also be integrated seamlessly into the base.

This contemporary style allows you to play with contrasts. Pair a divan with wooden base and velvet headboard with crisp white sheets. Or combine gray linen base with warm walnut headboard. The options are endless.

Storage Divan Bed with Drawers

For the ultimate combination of sophistication and functionality, storage divan beds can’t be beat. One of the best features is the set of capacious drawers integrated elegantly into the base, eliminating the need for a bulky dresser. Simply glide open a drawer to access sheets, clothing and anything else you need to store within arm’s reach.

Look for deep drawers with smooth metal glides for maximum storage capacity. Many designers offer storage divans with up to 6 oversized drawers. Some may have the option to add locks for keeping private items secure. An upholstered headboard completes the polished look that disguises the divan’s storage power.

Choosing a storage divan not only maximizes space in the bedroom, it also keeps things neat and organized without clutter. A few styles even allow you to customize the number and placement of drawers on each side. With everything stored attractively inside the bed base, this divan solution is both stunning and functional.

When ordering a storage divan, select a luxe headboard fabric like embroidered velvet or printed silk. For the base, durable microfibers or breathable linens keep items protected. Opt for side sliders if you plan to store bulky sweaters and blankets. Top divans also offer overhead storage compartments perfect for extra sheets and pillows.

Some divans even allow under-bed storage with large baskets or cubbies accessible by lifting the hinged top frame. With so many options, it’s easy to build a storage divan that suits your exact needs.

The Benefits of Divan Beds

Why choose a divan bed over other bed styles? Here are some of the top benefits you can enjoy:

  • Built-in firm support with no need for box spring
  • Headboard, base and legs assemble into one unified structure
  • Streamlined silhouette complements both classic and modern decor
  • Made to order sizes, styles and features available
  • Ornate carved designs for luxurious traditional bedrooms
  • Sleek low-profile bases suit contemporary interiors
  • Integrated storage drawers maximize space and organization
  • Quality craftsmanship ensures durability and longevity
  • Easy to clean and maintain with removable/washable covers
  • Made in standard sizes from twin to California king

For impressive style, customization and useful storage, divan beds deliver. With proper care, your divan can last decades and become an heirloom piece. Consider investing in this quality furniture to bring stately elegance into your home.

Elevate Your Home with a Divan Bed 

A divan bed is sure to become the centerpiece of your bedroom, creating an environment that feels both intimate and grand. As you reimagine your sleeping space, consider one of these three divan designs that offer luxury, comfort and style:

  • Traditional Indian carved divan for exotic, ornate flair
  • Contemporary minimalist divan for understated modern elegance
  • Storage divan with drawers for sophisticated functionality 

The regal heritage of divan beds translates beautifully into any decor. Give your master suite or guest room the five-star treatment with these special beds crafted for royalty. Let us know which of these magnificent divan styles fits your personal oasis. We’d love to hear how you envision incorporating one into your home!

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